Welcome to Jagerbikes

Our passion to create affordable urban solutions started back at 2014 as a family business in Tel Aviv. we believe in green energy and urban freedom, that’s why we do our very best to provide easy and green urban solutions.

Urban Freedom, Dedicated to Your ride

Our Core Principles

Design for Jagerbikes

Our e-bikes are carefully designed to give you the perfect ride on off road conditions, adding special suspension to make the ride easy and fun.

Value for Money

Our vehicles' prices are the lowest as we can, trying to make e-bike experience affordable for everyone. While doing that we focus on high end product to ensure minimum issues

Customer service

We will be there for you! as we try our best to deliver amazing riding experience, sometimes things need a little adjustment. That’s why we chose to make our e-bikes super simple and adjustable, and of-course our experts are available for you anytime for further guidance along our instructions videos

Environmental Friendly

We believe in renewable energy, and reducing carbon prints. that's why we choose make our bike with minimum plastic waste and recyclable components

Our products

Cycoo Pixie Fast Selling


B52 Fast Selling


Jager Sport MX3 For Sport